TV and Movie Toys

movie toyThe presence of TV and movie toys in stores nowadays is strong proof that merchandising has come a long way since it first began. Merchandising is often done by companies in order to increase the sales of a particular product or service. These companies undergo the usual processes of packaging, promotion, product placements, and pricing. Most of the time, the products these merchandises revolve around are items that a huge number of consumers are already aware of. The most notable example involves a media company hiring a toy factory to create toys and other products which are associated with a particular character from the company’s TV show.

Simply put, without merchandising, children from all over the world wouldn’t be able to get their hands on action figures of their favorite TV or movie character. In fact, the children are oftentimes seen as the target market when it comes to selling a product related to a particular media brand, since adults are considered to have their own financial priorities that stray far from buying toys. Exceptions to the latter statement, of course, involves the diehard grownup toy collectors whose passion is to purchase any merchandise that is related to their favorite movie or television character.

Of course, the most famous example of people supporting merchandising involves the comic book fan bases. Whenever a movie adaptation of a comic book is released, the film studios are most likely to sign a contract with a toy manufacturer to create action figures of the characters. As a result, the profits would be split between the two parties. The creation of these action figures never fails to capture the interests of thousands and thousands of comic book fans worldwide. Whenever toys like these hit the stores, it is assured that kids and adults of different ages would fall in line just to get their hands on at least one piece of action figure.

It goes without saying that the comic book fans are not the only people who purchase TV and movie toys. Since the emergence of websites which allow streaming of visual media such as Netflix, more people have decided to buy merchandises of their favorite shows. From couch potatoes to housewives, as long as they are fans of a TV show, they’d make it a point to save enough money to buy merchandises. The sales have grown stronger over the past few years now that plenty of top-notch dramas have been released for television. Shows such as the fantasy epic Game of Thrones and the teen drama Gossip Girl have contributed to the impressive increase of merchandise sales.

Perhaps the strongest evidence that these toys have huge fan bases is the existence of toy conferences. Who hasn’t heard of ToyCon? It is perhaps a yearly event where thousands of toy lovers flock and gather to purchase and hear news about their much-awaited toys. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the type of toys that most people fall in line for are the ones that are associated with existing media. Toy figures of characters from television shows, films, anime, and even web series have dominated events such as toy conferences, and there is no sign of stopping.

There are plenty of reasons why people from all over the world are hooked on TV and movie toys. Thanks to the brilliance of the latest shows that appear on the screens, big or small, the toy industry is witnessing a significant in terms of sale and customer count. The presence of such toy conferences helps a lot as well, so one cannot deny that toys are here to stay as long as its supporters remain.

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